In recent years, Electrical Buildings I and II are used to thoroughly plan and expand related teaching equipment. The established teaching and research laboratories are as follows:

8 Teaching Laboratories:

They include Chun-Hui Analogy Teaching Laboratory, ICP Electronic Digital Teaching Laboratory, Microprocessor Teaching Laboratory, Power Teaching Laboratory, Solid-state Electronics Teaching Laboratory, Electric Waves Teaching Laboratory, Communication Teaching Laboratory, Computer Room, and Control Teaching Laboratory.

27 Research Laboratories:

They include NSTIS Laboratory, Water Acoustics Laboratory, Yellow-light Laboratory, Embedded Systems and Automation Laboratory, Power Electronics Laboratory, Microwaves Laboratory, Nonlinear Control Laboratory, Software Engineering Laboratory, Statistical Signal Processing Laboratory, Electron Physics Laboratory, Electromagnetic Laboratory, Digital Signal Processing Laboratory, Robust Control Laboratory, Optoelectronic Laboratory, Digital Communications Laboratory, Power Systems Laboratory, Semiconductor Laboratory, Parallel Processing Laboratory, Electricity Services Laboratory, MOEMS Technology Laboratory, Network Control Laboratory, Soft Computing Laboratory, Microwave Remote Sensing Laboratory, Communication System Chip Laboratory, Analog Integrated Circuit Design Laboratory, Emerging Components and Systems Laboratory, and Wireless Communication Laboratory.